What is VDI?

It is a type of technology that helps organizations set up networks that comprises of virtual machines that can facilitate usage of virtual desktops. In the current scenario, were work from home is increasingly becoming the work culture, easing this process and securing the same is crucial for continued business. Experts at Vault Infosec can assist your organization to set up the necessary requirements.

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Why VDI?

  • Mobility of the user
  • Increase accessibility
  • Enhance security
  • Flexibility

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Remote working options
Cost effective
Secure environment
Centralized management

Our Workflow

Set up the network

Preparing the network is key to establish VDI that can accommodate high network performance and it is important to foresee peak hours.

Perform capacity planning

Planning the capacity with the help of performance monitoring tool to understand consumption of all the VDIs connected to the network.

Understanding requirements of end users

This procedure is crucial in setting up VDI. Eliciting the needs of various users based on their needs will help in anticipating, whether the organization needs persistent or non-persistent VDI

Pilot testing

This process helps in understanding if our anticipation about allocation of resources is executed correctly