Red Team Assessment

Red Team Assessment

What is red team assessment?

In order to be prepared to face attacks and defend themselves from cyber-attacks, companies must first test their security level by having red teams attack their systems. It can give a perspective of the strength of your blue team and their ability to protect the valuable assets of the organisation.

Defend your business against the latest cyber threats

Why red team assessment?

  • Determine the current level of security
  • Overcome cognitive errors
  • Identify vulnerabilities
  • Mitigate complex risks

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Define probable risks
Test your efficiency
Stay vigilant
Updated security controls

Our Workflow

Understanding the environment

Our team of experts starts the assessment based on offensive security standards by gathering all in all information about the organization, its network infrastructure and asset value from open-source intelligence tools

Vulnerability identification

Then the network maybe analysed to identify any exploitable vulnerabilities that might help in achieving the goals of the next step i.e., gaining access to the network and systems

Gaining access

After establishing the initial foot hold, the team works on escalating the privileges to gather more internal and confidential information

Escalated access

The escalated access is maintained throughout the exploitation and testing process

Comprehensive reporting

We will furnish a detailed report on the evidence of the penetration testing and the scenario of the systems and networks