Infrastructure Security Assessment

Infrastructure Security Assessment

What is infrastructure security assessment?

Infrastructure security assessment is a method to comprehensively evaluate the security of servers and the networks present within the organization. Vault Infosec's team of experts would perform this assessment as a service to mitigate against cyber threats

Defend your business against the latest cyber threats

Why infrastructure security assessment?

  • Remediate the existing vulnerabilities within the network
  • Protect the network from threats
  • Correct implementation of compliance policies

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Secure information processing facility
Protection against potential loss
Evite potential lawsuits
Evidence of compliance

Our Workflow

We We elicit relevant information about the infrastructure with respect to its network, servers and applications

Attack surface analysis

We define the high exposure portions of the infrastructure based on the information provided

Vulnerability identification

We use state of the art vulnerability scanners to identify the existing vulnerabilities and analyse them further

We We perform penetration testing on the identified vulnerabilities to assess the level of exposure on the application

Comprehensive reporting

We will furnish a detailed report on the identified vulnerabilities and the level of exposure along with the necessary recommendations for remediation. We also provide an executive summary for the same

Chat with the expert

Our team of experts will explain the recommendations directly to your development team

Retest post remediation

We run the extra mile for our customers by retesting the patched vulnerabilities