What is secure code review?

Source code review uncovers security flaws, hidden errors, vulnerabilities and loopholes that might lead to data breaches, data exposure and loss of reputation. The methodology followed at Vault Infosec involves both automated and manual review of code to determine the coding practice and analyse it at a deeper level.

Defend your business against the latest cyber threats

Why secure code review?

  • Identify vulnerabilities
  • No compromise on confidentiality
  • Securing availability of the application
  • Protecting the integrity

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Identify logical flaws
Eliminate errors
Low maintenance cost
Remove process inadequacies

Our Workflow


We gather information about source code with the help of a questionnaire and simultaneously understand the business process flow

Threat assessment

Threat assessment is performed in order to understand the architecture of the application. The threats detected would be the potential vulnerabilities in the code

Source code review

In this process, automated testing of the source code is performed with the help of open-source tools and are evaluated by experts

Manual review

After an automated review process, we perform a manual review on the source code. This process is crucial to remove any false positives

Comprehensive reporting

This is the final stage where all the vulnerabilities are listed along with the necessary remediation and Vault InfoSec's team of experts would help your team of developers fix them