What is identity and access management?

IAM is the process of ensuring there is only one right identity per user and establishing the same so that maintenance of it gets simpler. IAM is adopted by companies to establish a strong Identification, Authentication and authorization system to the employees. By implementing Identity and Access Management system, only intended accesses are allowed. Vault Infosec offers various solutions for IAM.

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Why identity and access management?

  • Protect privileged information
  • Incorporate layers of security
  • Enhance business productivity
  • Reduced cost

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Secured business
Compliance management
Facilitate digitization
Avoid legal complication

Our Workflow

Identity governance

We provides solutions like user provisioning/de-provisioning, automated access certification and remediation, segregation of duties, password self-service and comprehensive reporting

Access management

In this process, the authorized users are granted access and the unauthorized users are prevent from using the software

Privileged access management

It is a mechanism in information security which safeguards identities and special access beyond regular users

Consumer IDAM

Customer identity access management is a part of IAM that deals with identities of customers using corporate websites, web portals and web shops