Security Automation

Security Automation

What is security automation?

We recommend and implement security automation after analysing the security structure of the company and its specific requirements and feasibility. Vault Infosec stands out by guiding you through the entire process after recommending the solution.

Defend your business against the latest cyber threats

Why security automation?

  • Avoid automating wrong task
  • Monitor unidentified weakness
  • Automation
  • Detect threats

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No monotony
Lesser human error
Minimize potential threats
Greater predictability

Our Workflow

Threat Identification

This activity involves verification and validation of tasks, as well as the assurance task

Case creation

Case management can be started from any concerning activity or high-impact threat


A case can be updated to include relevant alarm details and log data


Teams divide responsibilities to the best leverage differing skill sets and expedite incident response


Automate counter measures that mitigate risks presented by the threatened review incident details to eliminate future exposure