What is DLP?

In an Organization Data is one of the most valuable assets. This asset has to be protected from unauthorised people at any cost. Therefore DLP (Data Loss Prevention) solution will help in identifying these critical assets, monitor their transfer to any unauthorised Device /Application and alert the owner of the asset if such incident happens. There are many DLP tools available in the market which can be configured to the needs of the Organization.

Defend your business against the latest cyber threats

Why DLP?

  • Protection of data
  • Prevent reputation loss
  • Securing your company from attacks
  • Data breaches

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Avoid financial losses
Best cybersecurity practices
No reputation loss
Protection against attacks

Our Workflow

Identify and classify

We start by identifying the sensitive data that is being stored or used by the company and we further classify them based on their criticality

Define risks and threats

This is a process where the potential risks and threats are chalked out to understand the status quo better

Objective setting

Defining all the objectives of this process and further establishing step by step rules for the entire procedure

Create awareness

Educating the team handling and dealing with data about the potential threats and creating awareness on the same